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World POS is a fully-integrated sale, stock, debtor and creditor management solution. It can help businesses in a variety of ways, including managing inventory, providing customer management data, identifying opportunities and weaknesses in the store. It is feature rich, yet ever so easy to use. World POS utilizes leading edge touch-screen POS terminals and retail hardware which can be tailored to your requirements. With interfaces for barcode readers, POL displays, cash drawers and receipt printers, World POS is the complete solution for any retail business, whether small or large.

If you are a small business retail store selling in-store, World POS Retail software is all you need. This is Ideal for Super markets & Supermarket Networks, Retail & Whole Sale shops, Groceries, Pharmacy, Book Shops, Textile Shops any kind of business where buying or selling happens.

World POS - Best Point of Sales (POS) software system in Sri Lanka  - Exesmart
Best Sales & Inventory Management System to Control your Entire Business

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Control your inventory like never before

World POS comes with the best tools and modules to completely automate your inventory. You can maintain your own structure for items with unlimited number of categories and codes. It has inbuilt functions for all types of inventory related transactions such as GRN, Stock adjustments, Dispatch notes and etc. All these operations are optimized to make your life easier with managing stock. It helps to eliminate all unnecessary paperwork and to save your valuable time and cost in managing inventory.

Being able to identify and track items at specific levels enables you to identify trends at your store and ensure that popular, fast moving products are well stocked. This makes it easy to monitor and resupply your top-selling items, as well as to mark down low-selling products to phase them out.

Point of sales system - Kurunegala - Sri Lanka

Sales operations and daily cash flow

Sales is the most important module in World POS system. It creates various methods to interact with customers such as sales, invoices, returns, debtor management and etc. Also it includes all cashier related system transactions to optimize and minimalize the employee theft and fraud. Business owners and supervisors will get detailed cash balancing reports and etc. to review and monitor each cashier shifts created in sales module.

Cashier shifts run a major role in this system in terms of cash balancing and tracking all transactions related to responsible users with all details. Usually when a user logs in to Sales panel, he or she is requested to enter the Opening Balance for the shift and system will automatically open a cashier shift. Thereafter, all transactions that is done in the sales panel is recorded to the Cashier Shift and all cash balances and other valuable figures maintained through the cashier shift and those figures are not visible to front cashiers

POS Solutions - Kurunegala - Sri Lanka

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Invoicing and Point-Of-Sales features

As it is design to optimize the operation, invoicing has been very easy with World POS sales module. The system has designed to finish an invoice and print the bills within few seconds, with minimum steps and key navigations. Most of the steps has been automated to make cashiers work much easier.

Although it supports touch screen, World POS Sales operations are fully automated with keyboard shortcut keys. With the latest innovation and also with the customer feedbacks, we have improved our keyboard shortcuts batter than ever. Most of the time, you will have to press very few keys to finish your operation and it will save your valuable time and effort when you are dealing with your busy businesses and customers. We always train your staff completely for these latest shortcut keys and operations with the system implementation.

POS Software in Kurunegala

Accept cash, card, credit and more...

Once you have finalized the list of invoice items, then you can collect the payments or bill them as credit bill with creating outstanding for the selected customer. Receiving payments can be controlled with special user permissions as well.

  • Cash (Capture Tender Amount and view Balance Amount automatically)
  • Credit (Required to select a customer or create a new customer)
  • Credit / Debit Card Payments (VISA, Master, AMEX)
  • Bank Transfers (Capture Bank deposit slip details / transferred proof slip details)
  • Cheques (Required customer selection to track the cheque bounces)
  • Vouchers Settlement (Sales Return / Advance Payment / Exchange Slips)
  • Split Payments (Ability to pay using multiple payment methods listed above)

Also World POS enables to retrieve Advance Payments and Overpayments from the customers, it can store them in the database and re-use them in sales payment settlement and debtor payments.

Point of sales system in Kurunegala

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Compatibility with printers and other devices

World POS comes with built-in interface with Barcode Scanners, Receipt Printers, Dot-matrix Printers, Laser or Inkjet Printers, Customer Pole Display Units, Cash Drawers and Barcode Sticker Label Printers. You can choose formats and layouts for your invoice prints and other prints with the best style you expect to your business. World POS Development team is ready to customize your print layouts according to your needs.

It is very easy to configure any device with World POS with Settings management providing you the all required settings parameters for the device connectivity

You will have number of options to customize your printing formats and you can go for any custom format as well

  • POS Printer (Suitable for restaurants and retail businesses)
  • A4 sizes and Letter sizes (Suitable for wholesale and distributor businesses)
  • Custom Print formats
POS Solutions in Kurunegala

Customer Management

Customers are the main entity in sales module, there are number of benefits you will gain if you could track your sales by customers. It is very easy to create a customer even when you create a new invoice from Sales screen. Also you have facilities to manage your customers from Back office. You could find below features when you manage customers.

  • Manage Companies or individual customers
  • Customer Categories to track similar customers
  • Credit customers with Credit Limits and Max Due Days (With or without in-hand cheques)
  • Tag a Salesman to a customer
  • Manage customer Loyalty Points
  • Customer Discounts
  • Customer Grade (Related to item price levels by grades)
  • Keep track of Customer Telephone, Address, Email, NIC, Loyalty Card Number and etc.
  • Ability to capture customer opening balances for outstanding or as overpayments.

You can make any invoice for the customer, if the customers do have credit invoices, they can make the payments later using a different screen.

Point of sales in Kurunegala

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Receive your payments for outstanding

Debtor payments is a screen which will enables you to make payments for the customers who have purchased from your as credit sales. In this special screen, you will find all outstanding invoices and their details. You can simple select one or more invoices or enter any amount that customer is willing to pay, and select which invoices you are going to settle in which amounts before completing the payments. Once you are done, you can collect the payment with the same types of payment receiving options you do with invoices.

  • Bill to Bill or Bulk Invoice Settlement
  • Receive payment by any payment method
  • Debtor Receipt generation for Debtor Payment
  • Settle from customer overpayments or returns.
  • Ability to make debtor discounts
  • Option to make overpayments directly
  • Option to refund back to customers who has overpayments
  • Option to settle for a single customer or for the entire company.
POS Software in Sri Lanka

Operational accounting and ledgers

World POS comes with inbuilt operational accounting, system itself creates all required ledgers and transactions. The outcome of these general accounting reports will help to prepare your companies’ final accounts as well. World POS automatically updates all related account transactions with the operational transactions you do in each module. It creates the platform even for the people who doesn’t have accounting skills

Cash ledger is the account which tells you the details about your Cash In-Hand. Cash ledger itself creates segments for each cashier points where you receive cash from customers. It helps you to manage cash balances of each cashier points / vehicles and etc.

Petty cash is a small amount of cash that is kept on the company premises to pay for minor cash needs such as expenses and etc. You can always transfer cash from any of the bank accounts and cash ledger to petty cash ledger.

Bank accounts can be created as your business need, and to map the actual bank accounts you have in your business. You can create unlimited bank accounts and edit them or rename them at any time, but you will not be able to delete bank accounts if you have made any single transaction using the account. Some of the features you see when creating the bank accounts in World POS.

Point of sales system in Sri Lanka

Expenses management

World POS has completely automated expenses tracking module where you can manage and track your expenses very effectively. Also you can make the payments for the expenses using cash, petty cash, and bank transfer or by writing a cheque. Below features are there in expenses module

  • Ability to create Unlimited Expenses Accounts. (Expenses Types)
  • Ability to maintain expenses accounts under Main Categories and Sub Categories
  • Create Expenses Bills against suppliers with creating supplier outstanding.
  • Ability to make payments for expenses bills later as a Supplier Payment
  • Create quick expenses with Immediate Payments.
POS Solutions in Sri Lanka

Cheques management

Cheques control center will helps you to manage all your cheques that are received and written. It gives you right decision making information regarding your cheque statuses.

Received Cheques from Customers

  • Ability to view all cheques by Status
  • Filter by cash cheques and AC Payee only cheques
  • Ability to filter cheques by customers
  • Deposit or PD cheques In-Hand
  • Mark as Cleared when the deposited or PD.
  • Ability to Suspend any cheque from In-hand list
  • Ability mark any deposited or PD cheque as Returned

Written cheques for expenses, suppliers and other payments

  • Print your cheques automatically with any printer
  • Print payment vouchers along with the cheque writing
  • Filter by written cheque status
  • Option to extend the cheque date for forecasting
  • Ability suspend any obsolete cheque
World POS - Best Point of Sales (POS) software system in Sri Lanka  - Exesmart

Other features

World POS is 100% developed by Exesmart Dynamics (Pvt) Ltd. By Sri Lanka software engineers and consultants using the cutting edge technologies. Hence, we have the ability to make any enhancements and upgrade this software with the future requirements. Also this software already has some of the great unique features which will give many benefits to our customers.

  • Dashboard to view the entire story of your business at a glance
  • Free online updates
  • Customizable background colors and text colors in POS Screen
  • Ribbon style menu and bars
  • Tabbed layout to manage multiple tasks/operations simultaneously.
  • Modern UI animations for pop-up screens and transactions
  • Multi-later interfaces to arrange and hide screens based on different operations
  • Smart reporting system with on-demand detailed reporting
World POS - Billing System Sri Lanka

Support and Maintenance

Exesmart undertakes a 365 days software support services for organizations. The support services include day-to-day application problem solving, carrying out housekeeping activities, performing data uploads/downloads, installation of new program releases, periodic health checks, etc. Exesmart undertakes to establish a dedicated call center facility for the Project to cater for any support, Service and helpdesk functions.

World POS - Best Point of Sales (POS) software system in Sri Lanka  - Exesmart

The system has a smart update mechanism to get the updates and patches from Exesmart servers and install automatically.

World POS - Best Point of Sales (POS) software system in Sri Lanka  - Exesmart

Our response time is according escalation procedures and quality assured to ISO standard and ensure faults are rectified within the defined time-scale

We help you to implement the system with a proper user, admin and cashier training. And this system is 100% developed by Sri Lankan software developers to match Sri Lanka’s customized requirements.

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Clients - Software, Web & IT Solutions in Sri Lanka - Exesmart
Clients - Software, Web & IT Solutions in Sri Lanka - Exesmart
Clients - Software, Web & IT Solutions in Sri Lanka - Exesmart
Clients - Software, Web & IT Solutions in Sri Lanka - Exesmart
Clients - Software, Web & IT Solutions in Sri Lanka - Exesmart
Clients - Software, Web & IT Solutions in Sri Lanka - Exesmart
Clients - Software, Web & IT Solutions in Sri Lanka - Exesmart
Clients - Software, Web & IT Solutions in Sri Lanka - Exesmart
Clients - Software, Web & IT Solutions in Sri Lanka - Exesmart
Clients - Software, Web & IT Solutions in Sri Lanka - Exesmart
Clients - Software, Web & IT Solutions in Sri Lanka - Exesmart
Clients - Software, Web & IT Solutions in Sri Lanka - Exesmart
Clients - Software, Web & IT Solutions in Sri Lanka - Exesmart
Clients - Software, Web & IT Solutions in Sri Lanka - Exesmart
Clients - Software, Web & IT Solutions in Sri Lanka - Exesmart
Clients - Software, Web & IT Solutions in Sri Lanka - Exesmart
Clients - Software, Web & IT Solutions in Sri Lanka - Exesmart
Clients - Software, Web & IT Solutions in Sri Lanka - Exesmart
Clients - Software, Web & IT Solutions in Sri Lanka - Exesmart
Clients - Software, Web & IT Solutions in Sri Lanka - Exesmart
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“World POS software was really helpful to continue the work. And the service was great.”

Dinusha Liyanage, Owner
Alluri Cosmetics & Saloon

“World POS gave me a good start to my business by managing Sales and Inventory effectively”

Jeewanthi Sonali, Owner
Jee Code Fashion Outlet

“Great Software With great Features with excellent after Service. Will recommends For Wholesale Businesses.”

Ahamed Rikaz, Owner
Bangkok Fancy

“This is the best and easiest software for billing, cash balancing and for managing inventory in my restaurant.”

Eshan Ruwinka, Manager
Tastea Coffee Shop

“Finally a great product with even better support. World POS is the perfect tool for almost all businesses due to its ease of use and latest technology.”

Fahim Rameez, Partner/Manager
Lavish Cosmetic Shop

“Now it's clear to measure how my business is growing with the important reports and nice dashboards having correct figures all the time.”

Mr. Dinesh, Owner
Shanthi Cafe Restaurant

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